The Eye Clinic 

Our Mission 

The Staff 


Comprehensive eye examination for adults and children
Emergency and Urgent Services
Various Ocular Surgery
Detail Medical History
Visual Acuity Testing
Pupil Dilation for Retinal Evaluation
Intraocular Pressure
Visual Field Analysis
Complete refractive and optical testing
Prescription of glasses, contact lens, and/or medicine
Corneal Topography
Ocular Ultrasonography
Full Fundus Photography
Full Anterior Segment
Diagnosis and treatment of all eye problems and conditions, including :
Diabetic Retinopathy
Tearing and lacrimal system conditions
Errors of Refraction
Ocular infections and inflammations
Ocular trauma
Visual Disability

23 Bldg 2060, Road 4563, Sanad 745, Kingdom of Bahrain
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Estiqlal Medical Centre
Bahrain eye clinic is dedicated to providing a professional eye care services in Bahrain and offering the best comprehensive eye health and vision care in the region.
Provide each patient with the most up-to-date eye care available in Bahrain. We strive to treat each patient as family, and nurture a long lasting relationship, thus providing continuity of care for life at our eye clinic.
At Bahrain Eye Clinic are part of our team of professionals, dedicated to serve you. We take pride in our work, and want your experience as a patient of our practice, to be a pleasant one in Bahrain.